Product Returns

All products sold by are guaranteed by FabricTurkey. Returning a product is generally subject to the following conditions:

Return Time

You can return the products over 15 meters with a petition containing the product, product invoice and the reason for the return as it is delivered within fifteen (15) days from the date of purchase without cutting, destroying, using or disturbing the resalability of the product.

We cannot accept any refund as the fabrics other than 15 meters are cut to your request and their resalability is impaired.

Return Terms

In case of any missing items, return of the product is not acceptable.

The product’s invoice, return form, original box, packaging and standard accessories, if any, of the products to be returned within 7 days must be delivered as complete and undamaged

Return Process

If you meet the above requirements, you can call 0539 592 66 21 to find out how the refund will take place, where the product will be shipped and when the refund will take place.